Former Gov. Gregoire on the State Supreme Court ruling

Earlier today, Christine Gregoire, former Washington state governor and attorney general, spoke with KING 5 about the Washington State Supreme Court’s ruling on our voter-approved public charter school law.

When asked about her interpretation of the law, Gregoire noted that as a former attorney general, she was very surprised by the ruling. “I think the minority opinion on that case is spot on,” Gregoire noted. But what surprised the former governor even more than the ruling itself was the timing of it, which came after nearly 1,300 students were already attending these schools.

Gregoire points out that the case sat before the court for some time, noting: “The court just has to be aware of the implications of a decision like this and what it means to the children and the families … when they have their children all scheduled to go to school and then are put on a moment’s notice that your kid has no place to go.”

Gregoire ends with a strong statement about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the charter school law. The decision is “Not right. Not fair,” the former AG said.

You can watch Gregoire’s answer about the ruling below, and be sure to head over to the KING 5 website to view the entire interview with the former governor.

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