Voters approve I-1240 to allow the option of public charter schools in Washington

For Immediate Release | November 10, 2012 Contact: Chris Barron, Phone: (206) 625-9655, Vote will provide new opportunities for thousands of Washington students Seattle, Washington – After comprehensively reviewing ballot returns to date, The YES on 1240 Coalition announced today that Initiative 1240, the Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative, will be approved by a … Read More


I-1240 Represents ‘Tipping Point’ of Education Reform in Washington State

When it comes to education, there’s much at stake Tuesday beyond the race for president. Voters in several states are being asked to approve significant changes to how public schools operate and are funded. … Let’s start in Washington, which is one of just nine states that currently prohibits charter schools — campuses that receive … Read More


Charting an Escape Route for Washington’s 14,000 School Dropouts is in Voters’ Hands

Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Jose Banda is a thoughtful man with a personal narrative indicative of the ways educational inequalities challenge American dreams of careers and economic stability. I suspect Banda believed he was being reasonable Thursday asking voters to put dreams of charter schools aside until traditional publics have had a chance to fix … Read More