Kids Win: Early Victory as Judge Tosses Baseless Claims, Dismisses Lobbying Organizations from Charter School Lawsuit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Date: Friday, November 18, 2016 Contact: Maggie Meyers at (724) 263-9826 Dismissal Underscores Political Nature of Lawsuit SEATTLE, Wash. – In a decision released earlier today, King County Superior Court Judge John H. Chun delivered a major blow to the plaintiffs in the latest charter public school lawsuit, recognizing both the state’s motion to dismiss … Read More


Hearing in Charter Public School Case Draws Parents and Students from Across Washington State

For Immediate Release | Friday, November 4, 2016 Contact: Cynara Lilly at (206) 915-7821 or Maggie Meyers at (724) 263-9826 Hearing to Dismiss Key Arguments, Lobbyist Backers from Politically-Motivated Lawsuit Against Charter Public Schools Brings Parents, Students, Supporters to King County Superior Court  SEATTLE, Wash. – Dozens of Washington families, supporters and students gathered at King … Read More


Meet the Leader: Q&A with Green Dot Principal Walter Chen

WA Charters sat down with Walter Chen, Green Dot Public Schools’ founding principal for its new middle school in Seattle’s Rainier Valley, set to open to sixth graders in fall 2017. Here’s what we learned about where Walter’s been, what fuels his passion for public education, and what he is envisioning for a new high-quality … Read More