Our Statement on KUOW’s Reporting on Impact Public Schools BACK TO BLOG | NEWS

WA Charters supports and advocates for high-quality, student-centered, antiracist, and community-rooted charter public schools that are accessible to and meet the needs of all students.

Ann Dornfeld’s recent reporting on KUOW raises concerning allegations that merit attention. While the primary responsibility to address the concerns raised lies with the Impact Public School board, all stakeholders, including the Washington State Charter School Commission, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), and WA Charters have a collective responsibility to ensure that every student has access to a free, public education that meets their needs.

Washington’s charter public school law is one of the strongest in the country mandating the highest standards of accountability and oversight for charter public schools. If a Washington charter public school is not meeting its academic, fiscal, or legal obligations under the law, the law details explicit processes, procedures, support mechanisms, and compliance requirements to help the school address any identified areas of improvement.

We will continue to support charter school accountability measures that empower parents and educators, and stand ready to support our member schools in not just meeting their obligations, but in fulfilling our shared mission of ensuring a high-quality, antiracist education that meets the needs of each student.

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