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Paying for College Resources

Oct 6, 2022 | Blog

Washington State Association of Counties: great resource for navigating the FAFSA, different scholarships, and is a hub for a lot of information
BigFuture: Tools to make a plan for college and find scholarships for out of state colleges
WashBoard: helps you find scholarships for WA colleges
CollegeBoard: helps student find college success- speaks to Advanced Placement and PSAT & SAT testing
GetSchooled: Tool that gives you/your student direct support, texts information, and gives you ability to gain points by completing site activities.
Washington State Opportunity Scholarship: scholarship that has a higher income cap and is for STEM specific degrees. Scholarships of up to $22,500 awarded!!

Please remember FAFSA is available every October 1st for the following school year (example FAFSA was available October 1, 2022, for the 23/24 academic year)

  • This is a first come-first served application process.  If there are no dollars left in the pot, then you miss out.  
  • The WAFSA is application for college financial aid for undocumented students and other select applicants.  You only qualify for the FAFSA or the WAFSA, not both.  To determine if you are eligible for the WAFSA, please click here –