Charter public schools are transforming education.

Our schools are showing that it’s possible to make high-quality school a reality for all students – regardless of race, income, neighborhood, or ability level. These schools are changing the game in education!

Charter public schools serve 63% students from the global majority – sometimes called students of color – and have three times the number of teachers from the global majority than the average traditional public school.

In 2019, 100% of charter graduates from Summit Public Schools were accepted into four-year colleges. They maintained their track record at over 97% in 2020.

More than 90% of charter public schools provide education that is inclusive – that is, where students with disabilities are educated alongside their peers for more than 80% of each school day.

Fuel change in our education system by supporting inspiring, individualized education. Learn about schools’ innovative models below!

School-by-School Highlights

  • Catalyst: Bremerton is a K-8 school that fosters scholars’ critical hope and optimism so that they can become community leaders and changemakers.  Through daily social-emotional learning and small group academic rotations, we ensure that all scholars are seen, known, loved, and challenged. DONATE
  • Impact Public Schools (IPS) is the first Washington state elementary public charter network that prepares a diverse student population with the skills, habits, and mindsets to succeed in college by providing a program rooted in social-emotional learning, individualized instruction, and de-colonized project-based learning. IPS operates four schools located in Tukwila, South Seattle, Tacoma (opening 2021), and Renton (opening 2022) working to close the opportunity gap and make a broader impact across WA state by partnering with school districts to develop innovative elementary practices. DONATE
  • Innovation Charter School in Walla Walla is a tuition-free public charter school offering a project-based, personalized, hands-on learning experience for students in grades 6-8. Students apply their skills and knowledge to real-world situations and scenarios and reflect on their progress. ICS students develop critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills that are relevant to their continuing education and future careers. DONATE
  • Lumen High School in Spokane offers educational pathways for teen parents leading to high school graduation, positive parenting, and future life success. They are committed to elevating the lives of teen parents by providing high academic standards in conjunction with a specialized, onsite Early Learning Center. DONATE
  • Pinnacles Prep in Wenatchee launching in 2021, has a personalized approach that allows students to contextualize their learning through hands-on projects using their community as their classroom. They focus on making learning relevant, enabling students to think critically, build relationships, and navigate systems to make positive contributions to our world. DONATE
  • PRIDE Prep Middle School and Innovation High School in Spokane challenge students to use knowledge and skills that prepare them for real life. Project-based courses ask students to get their feet wet, their hands dirty, and do something purposeful. Pride Schools honor the diversity and capacity of people through innovative education design. Students are inspired to create, innovate, and challenge the status quo. DONATE
  • Pullman Community Montessori (PCM) is a K-9 program launching in 2021 in rural Pullman Washington. PCM believes all students deserve the opportunity to have the education that works best for them. PCM’s innovative place-based Montessori program is personalized to students’ needs and prepares them, through rigorous academics, a robust social-emotional program, and career and life skills development, to ensure every student has the opportunity, skills, and mindset to be successful in college, career, and life. DONATE
  • Rainier Prep is an inclusion-model 5-8 middle school in the Highline area serving all students with high expectations for their academic and social-emotional intelligence, high levels of support for their growth, and demonstrated success in transforming the expected educational outcomes for limited-income families, BIPOC families, and immigrant families in our resilient community. Their mission centers their students and families at the heart of education, and they are committed to college and career readiness for each student with the goal that their alums will continue to grow as passionate leaders in their communities and beyond. DONATE
  • Rainier Valley Leadership Academy in Southeast Seattle is a Black-led and anti-racist collaborative community focused on dismantling systemic oppression through scholar leadership. They provide a decolonized, rigorous identity-affirming curriculum contributing to scholars’ confidence, and connecting knowledge to real word occurrences in their everyday lives. Their staff mirrors our scholar population, teachers, leadership, and board makeup; they live and breathe anti-racism as a constant action. DONATE
  • Spokane International Academy is a K-8 school that provides a rigorous, globally-focused education model designed to develop the next generation of community leaders. Their unique model empowers its students to cultivate an international mindset, acquire a second language, and discover their unique gifts to share with the world. DONATE
  • Summit Public Schools ensures a space where every student is seen and heard. Summit is known for founding the innovative work of project-based, personalized learning from many schools throughout the nation with a clear college preparatory/mentoring focus. Summit has four schools within Washington, in Seattle, West Seattle, and Tacoma. DONATE
  • Whatcom Intergenerational High School (WIHS) in Bellingham envisions learning designed with students and supported by elders generating deep inquiry skills, thoughtful interactions, and critical consciousness, ensuring every young person can contribute to a more just and sustainable world. WIHS uses a combination of Phenomenon-based learning, critical literacy, and the First Peoples Principles of Learning framework to prepare students for college and career through real-world learning experiences in a community-based environment. WIHS supports inclusivity, a sense of belonging, and an ethic of care for all students, staff, elders, families, and community. DONATE
  • Why Not You Academy is a high school in Des Moines dedicated to creating a diverse school community while expanding the college and career opportunities available to teens from underserved communities. They are reimagining what free, high-quality, public education looks like when it is built on a foundation of deeper learning, strong mentorship, and individualized pathways. DONATE

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Kamaria Lyles - Summit Sierra

I wanted to be somewhere where everyone knew me, where I wasn’t just a number.


Kamaria Lyles - Summit Sierra Alumna, Howard University