English Language Arts Teacher

Pinnacles Prep

Pinnacles Prep is the only high quality, tuition-free middle school and high school charter option in the Wenatchee Valley. Here, education looks different. Our personalized approach allows students to contextualize their learning through hands-on projects using our community as their classroom. We focus on making learning relevant, enabling students to think critically, build relationships, and … Read More

Catalyst Public Schools: Bremerton

The mission of Catalyst: Bremerton is to support our diverse scholars to live full lives and to succeed in college, career and life. Our scholars will find their purpose and passion so that they can cultivate the critical hope, optimism, and leadership essential to be catalysts in their community and world. Catalyst graduates build a … Read More

Rainier Valley Leadership Academy

Offering middle and high school in southeast Seattle’s Rainier Valley community, Rainier Valley Leadership Academy’s mission is to put every child on the path to success in college, leadership, and life. Respecting and celebrating the wealth and vitality of the ethnic and cultural traditions that thrive in the Rainier Valley, RVLA offers integrated college-preparation and … Read More

PRIDE Schools | PRIDE Prep Middle School and Innovation High School

PRIDE Prep Middle School and Innovation High School challenge students to use knowledge and skills that prepare them for real life. Project-based courses ask students to get their feet wet, their hands dirty, and do something purposeful. PRIDE focuses on wide-ranging skills that are increasingly vital in society – mathematics, writing, computer programming, and more. Innovation … Read More

Rainier Prep

Rainier Prep is a 5th through 8th grade middle school in the Highline area focused on college prep for all students. Approved as one of the state’s first charter schools, Rainier Prep was modeled on some of the highest performing charter schools around the country. Rainier Prep’s outstanding faculty and staff are transforming the expected … Read More

Spokane International Academy

Spokane International Academy (SIA) is a K-12 school that empowers its students with the academic skills, habits of mind and global competence necessary to complete advanced courses in high school and a college degree in order to become leaders who can powerfully transform our communities.