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Vancouver, WA




Founding School Leader – Rooted School Vancouver (DEADLINE: We will accept applications until February 12, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST.

In your role, you will work directly with our Founder and CEO and other members of our national team to lead Rooted School’s launch in Vancouver, Washington. You will spend your time between New Orleans and Washington, learning “The Rooted Way” while also building local relationships that will be pivotal towards a successful launch in fall 2022.

Above all, you will help us determine how we will fulfill the Rooted Promise. This might not work. It might not be fun. I hope you’ll do it anyway.

What we want in new teammates

  1. We want teammates who demonstrate a passion for and commitment to Rooted’s mission.

  2. We want teammates who have an unwavering commitment to radical transparency and radical open-mindedness (that, regardless of how much you know about something, you could be wrong).

  3. We want teammates who can thrive in a startup environment (comfort with frequent, focused change and ambiguity + strong initiative).

  4. We want teammates who have success in managing or coaching teachers, specifically around instructional strategies, planning and assessment, and classroom culture (at least three years of experience preferred).

  5. We want teammates who have at least three years’ experience teaching high school in a low-income or high needs population with a track record of outstanding academic results.

  6. We want teammates who have strong organization and planning skills.

  7. We want teammates with experience in school(s) which rely on digital curriculum as a means to develop basic content knowledge and skills (preferred).

  8. We want teammates who are committed to researching and remaining abreast of best instructional practices that may advance our mission.

  9. We want teammates who are obsessive about their personal growth, willing to put the team’s mission above their personal one and have a reputation of being someone who’s aligned to our values.

What you’ll be working on if these sound like you

  1. Completing the Green Balloon Fellowship Modules: These cover things like our approach to (a) mission, vision, and The Rooted Way; (b) team development; and (c) operational excellence.

  2. Campus and Founder Shadowing: You’ll be refining our approach to campus and founder shadowing. This means reflecting on questions like (a) How do I apply these strategies in my context and with my leadership? (b) Where have I seen this before? (c) How do I create something new in my context?

  3. Completing the School Start-Up Plan: We’ll help on most of it but you’ll ultimately be responsible for getting deliverables finished with excellence and on time.

  4. Stepping in if Needed: We may need you to leverage your expertise on certain projects we’re working on. You’ll have a chance to accept (or not).

  5. Customized Professional Development: Through our approach to running a Deliberately, Developmental, Organization.


Competitive full-time salary commensurate with experience, as well as comprehensive benefits package

To apply

If you’re as excited about this role as we are, please email the following to our Application Review Committee at

  1. Cover letter that includes answers to the prompts below:

    • Explain what prompted you to apply for this role at Rooted School and what interests you most about the opportunity to join our team.

    • Tell us about a time you had a measurable (i.e. quantitative) impact on a job or an organization.

    • Share your biggest area for growth (i.e. if you improved in this area, it would have a significant impact on your next professional chapter).

  2. Resume that tells the story of your impact (i.e. the more specific you are using numbers the better).

  3. At least three references who fit the profile below:

    • Someone who’s coached/managed you for at least one year.

    • Someone who you’ve coached/managed for at least one year.

    • Someone who you consider a peer, or lateral to you on a team you’ve been on for at least one year.

  4. Select three times that work for a 45-minute phone call with one of our teammates using this link. We will follow up to confirm one of those times for a conversation.

DEADLINE: We will accept applications until February 12, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST.