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Special Education Teacher Job Description – 2018/19 School Year

Impact | Puget Sound Elementary (Tukwila, WA)


The 2018-19 school year is quickly approaching and Impact Public Schools (IPS) invites passionate individuals with a special education background to apply for the position of founding Special Education Teacher at Impact | Puget Sound Elementary located in Tukwila, WA (just south of Seattle). Teaching at Impact is a unique opportunity. We are deeply committed to achieving our mission of preparing a diverse population of students to succeed in college and impact communities as the next generation of equity-driven, innovative leaders. Our schools are small, tightly-knit families where every child is known, guided by an individual learning plan and loved by an adult mentor. Our strong community is rooted in high expectations, joy and exudes our core values:


  • Bold Ambitions – We envision self-driven students and adults who develop the skills, habits and mindsets to impact communities and invent the future; we support one another in achieving step-by-step excellence along the way.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion – Diversity strengthens and enlivens us. Dissatisfied yet optimistic, we bring a lens of equity and inclusion to each decision and each day.
  • Team WA – All of Washington is our team. We are powerful when we work together, so we build relationships based on empathy and strive together towards outstanding outcomes for all public school students.
  • Everyone Grows – We approach each day as an opportunity to learn and grow. We work hard towards our own just-right goals, cheering each other on as we redefine potential.
  • Play Big – We celebrate. We wonder. We ask. We make and invent and imagine. We play big.
  • Intention – In the tiny and the huge, we keep the end in mind and reflect on the potential effects of our choices.


Through over forty days of paid professional development, consistent high-impact instructional coaching, and personalized career pathways, we are deeply committed to each team member’s growth.


Responsibilities of an IPS Special Education Teacher

Serve as resident expert for special education

  • Provide special education direct instruction, interventions and supports to students during the school day, and on an ongoing basis as needed for student development
  • Plan and execute special education programming at school site, including compliance with all applicable laws and coordinating site-specific evaluation efforts and program model implementation
  • Provide professional development to teachers and teaching fellows through training, modeling and coaching the delivery of instruction and supports to special education students in accordance with curriculum identified by IPS using various coaching methods
  • Provide individualized materials and coaching to faculty to support Response to Intervention and special education learning across different school settings
  • Facilitate professional development for teachers and teaching fellows on Response to Intervention and special education to support academic success

Engagement and communication

  • Proactively establish and maintain working relationships with community and social service organizations, professional partners, and families in support of special education program initiatives at IPS

Commit to professional learning, development, and growth

  • Actively engage in a strong, supportive community of adult learning, professional development, and team planning
  • Review school special education data from multiple sources to inform and guide Response to Intervention special education programming and adjust coaching practices and priorities as needed


Skills and Characteristics:

  • Master of and enthusiasm for elementary special education
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Ability to connect with a diverse student population
  • Strong belief in the IPS mission and educational model, including a desire to learn how to integrate elements of project based learning, personalization and social emotional learning into instruction
  • High moral character
  • Values the importance of working in a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment
  • Exhibits a growth mindset
  • Positive and effective collaborator


Educational Background/Work Experience and Eligibility:

  • Bachelor’s degree with an outstanding record of academic achievement and     extracurricular leadership
  • A minimum of 2 years experience as a special education teacher
  • Washington teaching certificate
  • SPED credential
  • Deep knowledge of Response to Intervention, special education, child development and learning frameworks
  • Experience planning and conducting professional development
  • Must pass background check



Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. IPS offers all teachers a full benefits package and extensive opportunities for professional growth.

COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY​ IPS seeks individuals of all ethnic and racial backgrounds to apply for this position. We are committed to maximizing the diversity of our organization and recruiting a team that reflects the diversity of our student movement.


To join our team, please email a cover letter and resume to, explaining in detail your qualifications for the position.