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To join our team, please upload a cover letter and resume to, explaining in detail your qualifications for the position.

Being a part of the Impact Public Schools (IPS) team is a unique opportunity.  We are deeply committed to achieving our mission of preparing a diverse population of students to succeed in college and impact communities as the next generation of equity-driven, innovative leaders. Our schools are small, tightly-knit families where every child is known, guided by an individual learning plan and loved by an adult mentor. Our strong community is rooted in high expectations, joy and exudes our core values:

  • Bold Ambitions – We envision self-driven students and adults who develop the skills, habits and mindsets to impact communities and invent the future; we support one another in achieving step-by-step excellence along the way.
  • Brave Solidarity – Diversity strengthens and enlivens us. Dissatisfied yet optimistic, we bring a lens of equity and inclusion to each decision and each day.
  • Team WA – All of Washington is our team. We are powerful when we work together, so we build relationships based on empathy and strive together towards outstanding outcomes for all public school students.
  • Everyone Grows – We approach each day as an opportunity to learn and grow. We work hard towards our own just-right goals, cheering each other on as we redefine potential.
  • Play Big – We celebrate. We wonder. We ask. We make and invent and imagine. We play big.
  • Intention – In the tiny and the huge, we keep the end in mind and reflect on the potential effects of our choices.

IPS graduates will be the problem solvers, innovators, and change agents of tomorrow. The IPS educational model includes a mentoring program and personalized learning plans for every child, targeted curriculum, rigorous deeper learning experiences, community-based arts expeditions, and student affinity groups that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion starting in Kindergarten.

IPS is seeking a talented, entrepreneurial, elementary instructional leader with a drive for innovation and a history of proven results in closing the opportunity gap. An IPS Principal will be responsible for co-designing and leading a ground-breaking K-5 model. The Principal will serve as the cultural and instructional leader, possessing a passion for excellence and growing a world class team of educators.

Through over thirty days of paid professional development, consistent high-impact instructional coaching, and personalized career pathways, we are deeply committed to each team member’s growth.

Essential Functions of an IPS Principal:

We are seeking a flexible, innovative, dynamic and committed leader to not only bring the best out in each and every student, but to be part of a movement to build a school for the future. The IPS Principal will:

Academics and Instruction

  • Serve as administrator and instructional leader of the school.
  • Articulate a vision, strategy and set of goals that align with the mission of Impact Public Schools.
  • Oversee the implementation of a set of restorative practices and systems aimed at supporting all students in being their best selves.
  • Oversee the assessment calendar, including standardized testing.
  • Ensure there is excellent instruction occurring every minute, every period, every day.


  • Lead a culture of high expectations for ALL and a relentless focus on college success.
  • Build and maintain a positive culture of learning for both students and adults.
  • Lead all-school meetings, focusing on IPS values.
  • Maintain professional standards and a school environment that is productive, safe and focused.


  • Attract, develop, and retain exceptional talent. Evaluate the performance of teachers and other school employees and coach them on their individual development.
  • Ensure effective and timely communication with faculty.
  • Participate in IPS and individual professional development.
  • Attend regular principal meetings and collaborate actively with other colleagues.


  • Build strong relationships with parents.
  • Ensure effective communication with families with respect to student academic performance, student conduct, school programs, and school performance.
  • Develop meaningful relationships through deep and ongoing community outreach.
  • Available for contact with parents, students and staff to discuss student progress and problems after class, at night or on weekends (via cell phone or in person).


  • Oversee Assistant Principal – Operations and School Manager to ensure school is fully compliant and the learning environment is prepared and organized.
  • Maintain work hours extending beyond school hours for other professional duties or functions such as faculty meetings, supervision of student events, etc.
  • Maintain a balanced and mission aligned budget with Home Office team.
  • Participate in other events aimed at promoting or developing IPS and its schools.

Education and Experience:

  • 4+ years teaching and/or leadership experience, at the elementary level, with a history of success in closing the opportunity gap.
  • Master’s Degree (or above) in Education (preferred).
  • A strong understanding of early childhood development.
  • Proven track record of success leading adults and a commitment to education reform.
  • Deep belief in Impact Public Schools mission, vision, and values.
  • Exceptional project management skills.
  • Proven management and team building skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and writing skills.
  • Expertise in teaching literacy and mathematics.
  • Strong skills and enthusiasm to build relationships with students, faculty members, families, and external partners.
  • Experience working in an entrepreneurial environment.
  • A commitment to working successfully with an ethnically & economically diverse student body and team of adults.
  • The ability to effectively relate to and engage students in relationships in one-on-one, small group and large group settings.
  • A commitment to use data and technology to personalize learning for both adults and students.
  • Experience in making data driven decisions.
  • Experience in planning and implementing quality professional development.
  • An ability to model, live, and reinforce the school’s core values inside and outside the classroom with colleagues, scholars, families, and the larger community.
  • Optimism, resiliency, curiosity, perseverance, a sense of humor, and a burning passion for personal growth and student success.


Salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with experience. We also offer a comprehensive benefits plan as well as the opportunity to impact a growing, mission-driven organization that is committed to the success of all students.