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Elementary School


Operations and Finance


Impact Public Schools | Salish Sea Elementary






Who You Are

You love logistics, have a customer support orientation, and want to work in a fast paced environment. You are inspired by and deeply believe in the vision of Impact Public Schools. You believe that all children deserve a wonderful education and want to join a team that is mission driven.

Why This is a Unique Opportunity

  • Work in a state of the art facility at an elementary school that is closing the opportunity gap

  • Apply your skills in operations and logistics to helping an elementary school thrive

  • Receive personalized coaching and support to help you grow as a professional

Essential Functions of the IPS School Manager

Family & Student Engagement

  • Maintain a warm, friendly, and organized front desk

  • Maintain positive relationships with families with a customer service orientation, addressing family and student needs as they arise throughout the day and throughout pick up

  • Warmly welcome students to the school during arrival and ensure the campus is open and ready to serve students

  • Draft and send regular family communications and direct communications in support of school culture efforts

  • Attend and manage family engagement events which occur approximately 1/week and which may be held in the evening hours


  • Manage student enrollment and disenrollment process, collection of family paperwork, and submit required reports

  • Manage daily attendance process, including reconciling, managing tardies/early dismissals, and generating and submitting internal and external reports

  • Maintain a clean, neat and highly functional campus by organizing student artwork, conducting regular building and site walkthroughs, coordinating with custodial personnel and cleaning up student accidents when janitor is unavailable.

  • Coordinate with food and transportation service providers as needed.

  • Manage the School’s supply and asset inventory, place and closely track school purchase orders, unpack and distribute mail and packages, and support assembly/distribution of instructional and operational resources

  • Ensure that student records are properly maintained and updated

  • Manage room reservations and space use, including coordinating with visitors.

Meal Service

  • Serve breakfast and lunch on time. Food comes prepared so this is primarily heating food according to standards and distributing it to classrooms.

  • Maintain a clean, organized, hazard-free kitchen environment focusing on sanitation and quality control. Operate equipment safely and efficiently, and monitor for needed repairs.

  • Maintain accurate records and receive food deliveries.

Skills and Characteristics:

  • Warm and high-energy presence to effectively welcome families to the school

  • Acute attention to detail coupled with the ability to think and act strategically

  • Communication, management, and problem-solving skills necessary to ensure smooth school operation

  • Ability to create, monitor, and maintain systems that enhance organizational efficiency

  • Ability and desire to work in a fast-paced, highly disciplined, but sometimes unpredictable school environment

  • Willingness to work autonomously, collaboratively, and/or under the direction of senior staff, as needed

  • Maturity, humility, strong work ethic, sense of humor, and roll-up-my-sleeves attitude

  • Strong belief in the IPS mission and educational model