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Please send your resume and a brief cover letter describing your qualifications for the role and interest in joining Joule Growth Partners to

Position Information

  • Location: Remote
  • Status: Full-time
  • Travel Requirements: Minimal during COVID pandemic; expected eventual quarterly or bi-annual
  • Compensation: $65 – 85k salary with possible bonus; salary to be based on prior applicable experience


Joule Growth Partners (“JGP”) is a professional services firm founded in 2019 to provide high-quality, right-sized financial and operational leadership and consulting to small, growing, and thriving organizations. We believe experienced, strategic financial leadership and support is a critical part of any program’s success and we contribute to our clients’ success by helping build a strong business foundation, tackling big decisions, assessing strategies, and keeping the trains running on time. We value diligence, transparency, and timeliness in our work and honesty, clarity, and kindness in our communication. We strive always to be professional and accessible.

JGP has experienced significant growth since its inception and projects to continue to expand in the coming years. While our firm has experience, projects, and clients that reach nationally, we have a strong portfolio of clients based in the charter school sector in Washington State. JGP seeks an ambitious senior analyst to help optimize a suite of financial and operational services for these charter school clients. Initial work in this role will include developing a deep understanding of both high-level financial management for growing nonprofit organizations as well the detailed financial reporting requirements faced by charter schools in Washington State.

As part of a small and growing organization, the Analyst role will work across most firm clients and in support of, and partnership with, the CEO, Director, and Bookkeeper. The Analyst should have excellent data processing capacity and an innate ability to handle large sets of data efficiently and accurately. In this role, data analysis and reporting are necessary but not sufficient; candidates must also enjoy tackling adaptive challenges across multiple clients and work streams and enjoy the interpersonal side of client service and teamwork. Familiarity with nonprofit accounting is preferred and an openness to learn and grow is required.

Key Responsibilities

Nonprofit Financial Management

  • Perform financial analysis and modeling
  • Implement real-time financial dashboards to help leadership make informed decisions
  • Produce monthly financial reports and packets for client board meetings
  • Review cash reconciliations and monthly ledgers; identify and shine light on spending and revenue trends for clients
  • Support team in implementing and maintaining strong internal controls over the finance and accounting functions
  • Coordinate and liaison in support of year end audits and Form 990 filings with the IRS

Charter School Support

  • Serve as point of contact for clients’ questions on financial, HR, and compliance issues
  • Develop an understanding of the state retirement reporting and prepare timely and accurate reports for clients monthly; partner in refining this process within JGP to optimize efficiency
  • Function as JGP team lead for the State Employee Benefits Board system
  • Support and lead client budgeting and reporting for state and federal grants

Client Service & Relationships

  • Develop trusted and confidential relationships with clients and partners, including assistance in development of technical expertise within client staff when called for
  • Communicate with clients to manage expectations and scope, complete project efforts, and

    ensure satisfaction in results and confidence in JGP services

  • Proactively communicate with teammates to identify and address challenges as they arise
  • Promote a culture of transparency

Team Responsibilities

  • Become a source of financial expertise and experience for Washington State charter schools
  • Good team player with ability to work in a dynamic environment requiring flexibility and adaptability
  • Assist in development of (future) team members
  • Ability to work effectively on multiple concurrent projects and meet strict deadlines while working both independently and in a team environment.


  • 2 – 4+ years (Senior Analyst) of experience in financial analysis and reporting OR in the accounting field
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Excel
  • Ability to learn and utilize multiple database reporting software platforms, including QuickBooks and state designated systems (e.g., be comfortable with databases!)
  • Degree in business, accounting, or finance considered a strength; however, applicable field experience is an acceptable substitute
  • Desire to work in a social impact organization and in service of others
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Possess initiative and have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environmen


  • Salary: Target range $65 – 85k, depending on applicable prior experience
  • Bonus: To be determined based on a mix of individual performance and firm growth
  • Traditional benefits: JGP offers employee retirement benefits. Health care package will be available.
  • Additional benefits: Remote office allows for flexible work schedule. Company mission and work offer the ability to grow your career and compensation while having a positive social impact.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Joule Growth Partners is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion make us stronger and contribute to our clients’ success. We welcome and encourage applications who are members of historically marginalized communities.