We believe in the power of families and communities to impact systemic change.

We believe in the power of families and communities to impact systemic change. We also believe that a school’s family and community engagement practices have an immediate and direct impact on student learning, staff development, parent agency and engagement, student recruitment and retention, and school success.

WA Charters’ Family Engagement work is designed to develop and support reciprocal partnerships between families, schools, and surrounding communities as part of our commitment to a high-quality school system and experience that fosters transformative educational outcomes regardless of race, ethnicity, language, national origin, age, different abilities, religion, parental status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, zip code, or income.


Robust support for schools

We believe that schools can and should be a central hub for the community where families, community members, and staff can gather to build relationships, find solutions to issues, and hold events that celebrate all facets of the community.


School-based family and community engagement (FACE) staff have the opportunity to participate in a cohort style, year-long cross-school professional learning community.

Family Engagement PLC Objectives

  • Increase leadership skills and self-efficacy
  • Build and sustain a network of peer support
  • Access statewide and national best practices
  • Increase retention in community engagement staff
  • Gain tools for strengthening relationships between schools and families

Family Engagement PLC Offerings

  • Quarterly cohort convenings
  • Quarterly webinars
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching
  • Onsite technical assistance

Robust support for parents

Here is how WA Charters works with families and schools to cultivate and grow our state’s powerful base of charter parent advocates.

  • Connect to Schools | We connect parents with their school’s family engagement team and opportunities to advocate at their school
  • Connect to Peers | We connect parents with other parents across the state, so they can share their experiences and advocate together for issues that impact students statewide
  • Learn | We lead parent advocacy trainings to help build personal leadership and civic engagement capacity
  • Advocate | We connect parents with platforms and opportunities to discuss issues with state legislators, local elected officials, and other key stakeholders

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