What is inclusive education?

Inclusive education is an organizational approach that ensures assessments, curriculum, instruction, and learning environments are designed to meet a range of student needs. Inclusive education ensures that all students, regardless of their learning needs, are educated with their peers in an environment where they feel safe, supported, and challenged.

True Measure Collaborative

The True Measure Collaborative (TMC) serves as a full partner to member charter schools, offering robust, centralized expertise and supports that promote compliant, effective, and innovative practices for meeting the needs of students faced with barriers to academic achievement, including those with disabilities.

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The TMC launched in 2015 in response to charter public schools’ commitment to providing the highest quality educational experience for their students, including those with disabilities. Collaborative partners include WA Charters, Seneca Family of Agencies, the Puget Sound Educational Service District, the University of Washington’s Haring Center for Inclusive Education, and member charter public schools.

As a community, the TMC commits to the following:

  • Put students’ best interest first
  • Institute school-wide inclusive practices
  • Close opportunity gaps
  • Develop meaningful family and community partnerships
  • Provide rigorous instruction beyond compliance

How Schools Benefit

TMC membership provides schools extensive supports, including:

  • Onsite and remote technical assistance
  • Quality time-saving resources
  • Professional development

TMC partners

Meet our advisory board

To ensure that the TMC’s work remains on the cutting edge of innovative approaches and best practices, the TMC supported by an advisory board, comprised of national and local experts in inclusive education.