Who we are.

WA Charters is a statewide, nonprofit organization that advocates for and supports high-quality charter public schools.

Charter public schools are free and open to all students and are able to offer nontraditional and innovative academic models in exchange for being held to higher levels of accountability.

Washington’s charter public school policy is one of the strongest in the nation, and our work is built on the belief that every student should have the chance to go to a great school that puts their needs first, regardless of zip code, income, or ability level.

WA Charters helps grow, sustain, and advocate for Washington’s charter public school sector, a network of schools that serves higher than average percentages of systemically underserved students, and 3x the percentage of teachers of color as compared to the statewide average.

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Our mission

We advocate for and support high-quality charter public schools that meet the needs of systemically underserved students.

Our vision

High-quality public schools for ALL students.

Our values

  • Community | We believe in the power of families and communities, and by supporting schools that are responsive to communities, we work to shift historic power dynamics.
  • Diversity | We recruit a diverse pool of charter public school leaders, board members, and teachers to found and implement customized school models that serve students from diverse backgrounds, because we know a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work for every learner.
  • Excellence | We insist on excellence from ourselves and the schools we incubate and support. We are purposeful with our time and resources because we know our work is urgent: Washington students’ lives and futures are being shaped right now.
  • Innovation | We recruit and support talented educators to lead and teach in our schools, we champion flexible school models that break away from traditional practices, and we create opportunities for broad collaboration in order to spread innovation beyond the charter public school sector to impact the broader public education system.
  • Partnership | Our success depends on collaboration with mission-aligned partners who care deeply about Washington students, families, and communities.