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News Release: Longtime Charter Operators Plan to Submit Applications to Create Public Charters Schools in Washington State

Oct 22, 2013 | Blog

The Washington State Charter Schools Association (WA Charters) today announced that longtime charter operators Summit Public Schools and Green Dot Public Schools will submit applications to create new high-quality public charter schools focused on serving underserved students in the state. Two of the highest-performing charter school organizations in the country, Summit and Green Dot joined with local public school leaders from across the Washington in sending letters of intent to the Washington Charter School Commission – the first step in the rigorous charter approval process.

“Families in Washington want access to public schools that prepare their children for success in college and career. Summit and Green Dot have proven records of providing a high-quality public school education to students whose needs are not currently being met by traditional public schools,” said Marta Reyes-Newberry, interim CEO of WA Charters. “Joining with local school leaders also committed to starting high-performing charter schools, Summit and Green Dot will help Washington’s public school system improve educational outcomes for all students. We are excited to welcome Summit and Green Dot to the Pacific Northwest.”

Summit and Green Dot joined local educators and nonprofit organizations in submitting letters of intent, which include the three longtime public school leaders of the inaugural Washington State Charter School Leadership Cohort. Committed to educating underserved students in their home communities of south King County, Spokane and Tacoma, Maggie O’Sullivan, Brenda McDonald and Kristina Bellamy-McClain spent the summer and fall in training to found high-performing public charter schools. Benefitting from the lessons of charters operating in 41 other states and the District of Columbia, McDonald, Bellamy-McClain and O’Sullivan have pledged to achieve strong results for kids by starting public schools focused on 100 percent four-year college entrance and completion.

Read the full release here.