What We Do

WA Charters is a statewide nonprofit organization that advocates for policies that enable a healthy, growing sector of student-centered, community-rooted, antiracist public schools and raises awareness about charter public schools in Washington.

Who We Are

Advocate to Change Policy

We advocate to secure charter public school policy wins that advance equitable student outcomes by cultivating an effective advocacy environment rooted in community.

Support Strong Schools

We provide outstanding services in support of anti-racist, student-centered, community-rooted schools to charter public school members

We are deeply committed to identifying, dismantling, and actively transforming racist systems, policies, and mindsets. Our work is guided by transforming oppressive practices and systems for marginalized students to feel safe, seen, and empowered.


We advocate for and support a thriving, innovative charter public school sector that upholds quality via student-centered, community-rooted schools and aspires to disrupt a systemically racist and inequitable education system


An anti-racist, student-centered public education system accessible to all students


Aspiring Anti-racism

We hold ourselves accountable to practices that center and celebrate the voices and lived experiences of Black, Asian, Indigenous, and People of Color, and that disrupt unchecked power and privilege.

Cultural Humility

We commit to listening, leading with compassion and honesty, and celebrating all cultures in order to build trust and authentically support community restoration and empowerment.

Educational Justice

We advocate for equitable access to resources and adopt innovative and student-centered models to create an inclusive school environment where students can thrive.

Collaborative Partnerships

We partner with our communities through consensus-building and shared decision-making in order to achieve mutual values, goals, and outcomes.