Gifts to WA Charters make community-rooted, student-centered education a reality. Every gift to our organization is used to advocate for and support charter public schools, their students, and their communities.

Checks can be mailed to:
Washington State Charter Schools Association
506 Second Ave., Suite 630
Seattle, WA, 98104

What Your Gift Supports

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Advocacy for students and communities to have excellent, well-resourced schools

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Families and communities advocating for the education they need and deserve

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Operations and activities of high-quality, gap-closing public schools

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Awareness about innovations that break down barriers to opportunities for all students

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“I advocate for every child to have an opportunity. One box does not fit all, every child should be able to learn to the best of their abilities in their own personal style. Every one of my kids is different, they all learn differently. Somehow or other, PRIDE has managed to tap into how each of those kids learn and they are successful at getting them to learn.”

Janice, Parent, PRIDE Schools

"At my charter public school, the teachers and support staff have been willing to find workarounds to accommodate the challenges my family has experienced and make sure that my scholar is supported and able to learn. Parents like me can easily connect with teachers and faculty to create a support team for issues that may arise and find a solution together that will help support each kid individually."

Parent, Catalyst Public Schools

“My son will be going to 4th grade and he has an IEP. Our charter public school actually took his support seriously and he was no longer just another kid with an IEP. He got the accommodations he needed right at his desk, within the classroom so he was still in a general education setting. I really appreciated that.”

Impact Public Schools PARENT
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