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Preventing Summer Learning Loss

What is Summer Learning Loss?

What do our students lose over a summer?

Due to a lack of quality learning over the summer, students lose ground. On average, the impact is:

  • 2.6 months of math loss
  • 2 months of reading loss
  • 1 month of learning is lost
  • 6 wks. of re-learning old material in the fall

To not lose academic ground, students should do academic work for 2-3 hrs. per week to keep on track from June to September.

How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Learning Options & Opportunities for the Summer

Preparing for the New School Year

School and Child Care Immunizations Information for Families

Ways to best support your scholar’s education

  • Your involvement helps support your scholar to make greater achievement. Set a timer weekly to check-in with your scholar on how they are doing and utilize any tools that your school supplies (PowerSchool, Google Classroom or connecting with teachers to get outstanding work info).

Building a relationship with your scholars’ teachers

  • Your teacher is the best connection to where your scholar is in their learning journey.
  • Be Proactive at the beginning of the school year in getting to know your teachers, school, and office staff. Email introduction is a good start, make sure there is a reply and hold the school accountable for replies.
  • Sharing information that can be helpful in the teacher getting to know your child: learning styles, barriers (anxiety, poor experiences in the past, etc).
  • Make sure to reach out to them if somethings not going well or you have questions (email for record)


  • Put days off and events in your calendar under a different color for school stuff.
  • Have a family calendar that everyone can see to know what is going on.
  • The best organizing options are the ones that work for your student.  The way you organize may not work for your student- let them lead on this.
  • Support good attendance by trying to schedule appointments outside of school time if possible.


2-7 yrs. Brain Development

8-10 yrs. Brain Development

Teenage Brain Development

Back to school transition and anxiety about school starting

Office of the Education Ombuds

What is OEO?

  • The Office of the Education Ombuds (OEO) was founded by the state legislature in 2006 to support families in Washington state.
  • OEO’s Mission: We work with families, communities, and schools to address problems together so that every student can fully participate and thrive in Washington’s K-12 public schools.
  • What is OEO EnglishwithSubtitle 02 11 2018 1
  • Free, Confidential & Independent Resource
    • Individual support with information and informal conflict resolution
    • Training and Outreach
    • Policy Work

Meet OEO (Intro to the Office of the Education Ombuds)

How to Contact OEO

Special Education

Difference Between a 504 and IEP

  • Section 504 (of the Rehabilitation Act)
    • Anti-discrimination law
    • Definition of student with a disability is broad (any mental or physical impairment that substantially limits a major life activity)
    • Section 504 Plans generally list accommodations a student needs in school.
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”)
    • Special education law
    • Definition of child with a disability is more specific
    • IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) include areas of “Specially Designed Instruction” in addition to accommodations, related services, etc..

What Every Parent Needs to Know – Protecting the Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities

Tips and Tools for Families – Prior Written Notice (PWN)

IEP/504 Back to School with OEO

OEO Toolkits and Resources


How to Support WA Charter Public Schools

2022 Advocacy Workshop Resources

Attend WA Charters Events

Email the WA Charters Team

  • Darcelina Soloria – Regional Advocacy & Organizing Manager (Eastern WA)
  • JT Williams – Regional Advocacy & Organizing Manager (Western WA)

Meet our Advocacy Team

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