A parent’s child gets the right supports at a charter public school

Charter public schools do not have special eligibility or entrance requirements, and they are built on the belief that every student should have the chance to go to a great school that puts their needs first, regardless of zip code, income or ability level. Washington’s charter public schools attract and serve higher than average percentages of low-income students, students of color, and students with disabilities.

Parent: I found a school where my child is known and valued

Charter public school teachers and educators have more flexibility at the school level to meet the needs of students and provide an inclusive curriculum to help them succeed. It also means that parents have more options within the public school system to find the best learning environment for their children. Washington’s charter public schools ensure that all kids are known, seen, and supported.

Schools for students and the community

Washington's charter public schools are student-centered and community rooted.

How this school meets the needs of its families and students

Like all public schools, charter public schools are free, nonprofit schools that are held accountable to high state standards. What makes them different is that they can take flexible, creative approaches to support students in the ways that they need to be successful. Charter public schools give families more than one free public option in their community, so they can decide which school is the best fit for their children.
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Shirline Wilson

Charter parent advocate Shirline Wilson at 2015 rally that helped save WA charter public schools

“We need fewer excuses, political fighting and finger pointing and greater prioritization to ensure we have all the tools to close gaps and deliver an equitable, quality education to Washington’s Black students and students of color.”


Yadira Lemus

Yadira (front right) and fellow Impact parents on a recent visit to Olympia, where they shared with legislators what it means to them to have high-quality public school options.

“Before Impact, I didn’t have a choice of where my daughter would go to school and that terrified me because our assigned school was not what I wanted. Impact has gone beyond the call of duty. Not only are they teaching my daughter how to read, spell, and learn science and math, they are focused on her emotional well-being too. She loves her school! Every time she is picked up she always asks for five more minutes!”

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