WA Charters is a nonprofit organization that advocates for policies, raises awareness, and supports school quality to enable a growing sector of student-centered, antiracist public charter schools.

What People Are Saying

“Like at other charter public schools, our students continue to outperform students at traditional public schools in core subjects.”

Morgen Flowers-Washington, Head of School at Spokane International Academy

“I became an advocate for charter public schools — which I believe provide a great complement to traditional public schools, especially for students of color.”

Eric Pettigrew, Former WA State Representative D-37

“As someone who has deeply benefited from attending a charter public school, I want to raise awareness about this inequity in hope that it can change.”

Peter Sakisat, Student at Summit Olympus

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“I don't just WANT it to be solved; I NEED it to be solved. I believe my public school should have the same advantages as other district schools.”

Betzy Espinoza, 8th grade student at Pinnacles Prep

“Washington’s charter public schools offer mentorship and mental health support, which has been a lifeline for students and families like mine.”

Taryn Major, Impact | Commencement Bay Elementary parent

“As we reflect on this school year, what we’re most proud of is watching our daughter continue to grow into herself as a proud Black girl in an environment where diversity is celebrated.”

Acacia Corson and James Porter, Impact | Black River Elementary parents

"Every public school that is meeting the needs of students furthest from educational justice is a critical and transformative part of our public school ecosystem, including charter public schools like Rainier Prep."

Karen Lobos, Executive Director of Rainier Prep

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Free. Public. Open to All.

Every child deserves a great public education. Washington’s charter public schools give families additional options that are free, open to all, and deliver proven results.

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Traditional public schools are working for many, but not all students. Families need free, public options that fit unique needs and learning styles.

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More Flexibility, Strong Accountability

Charter public schools have more flexibility than traditional public schools to be nimble, adaptive, and take creative approaches. In exchange, they must meet a high bar for demonstrating student success and school quality.

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Identity-Affirming, Community-Rooted Public School Options

Washington’s charter public schools attract and serve higher rates of Black, Indigenous, and Students of Color, and are staffed by BIPOC teachers at 3x the rate as compared to traditional public schools statewide.

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There are a growing number of high-quality, community-rooted charter public school options across the state.


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