Washington State Charter Schools Association Reaffirms Commitment to Quality

For Immediate Release | June 23, 2015

Washington joins 39 charter support organizations nationwide in signing first-of-its-kind commitment to holding schools accountable for student success

SEATTLE – Today, the Washington State Charter Schools Association (WA Charters) joined with representatives from 39 other city- and state-based charter school support organizations in signing the “Public Charter Schools Commitment to Quality” at the National Charter School Conference. This grassroots, state-based initiative undertaken by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ State Leaders Council is the first of its kind in the public education system to take ownership over ensuring a quality education for all students and address the persistent challenges facing communities with underperforming schools.

There are more than 6,700 public charter schools across the country serving nearly 3 million students. The organizations supporting the “National Public Charter Schools Commitment to Quality” represent 90 percent of charter school families nationwide and have pledged to ensure public charter schools are high-performing, fiscally responsible options that are accessible to all families while supporting the appropriate closure of low-performing charter schools and ensuring that students land in thriving school environment.

“Washington is fortunate to have such a strong public charter school law to back up our commitment,” said Tom Franta, CEO of WA Charters. “We are proud to join our colleagues from across the country in pledging our commitment to quality. Holding public charter schools accountable for student outcomes, and making sure only successful public charter schools are allowed to operate, are the first steps to ensuring every child in Washington receives the quality public education to which they are entitled.”

By taking a collective stance with other states, WA Charters is helping put in motion efforts to better realize the promise of public charter schools in Washington. State organizations signing the commitment today pledge to provide support to grow and replicate high-performing schools to serve more families; seed the next generation of innovative schools; and advocate for schools to be held accountable for student success and transparency in their operations.

“The current education system is not preparing all students for the future demands of college, career, and the global economy,” said Nina Rees, president and CEO of the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools. “Public charter schools have pioneered and led many of the innovations that have successfully improved student performance over the past two decades. We are thrilled that Washington is joining with other leaders to commit to improve school quality and accountability for all students.”

With eight public charter schools opening this year in communities across the state, WA Charters is focused on helping schools deliver the highest quality education to students. That means making sure schools live up to their promises on student academic performance. To learn more about public charter schools in Washington, please visit: www.wacharters.org.