Parent Perspective: For my family, it’s about the freedom to choose the best fit

Oct 12, 2015 | Articles, Featured, Opinion


Since the State Supreme Court ruled Washington’s voter-approved public charter school law unconstitutional, we’ve heard from hundreds of parents who passionately want to see charter schools continue—as they’re already seeing positive results in their kids.

For parents like Shirline Wilson, whose son Miles attends middle school at Rainier Prep in Highline, access to public charter schools meant having additional education options, so that her family could find the best fit for each of their three children.

For Shirline’s family, “it’s not about public charter schools versus traditional district schools. It’s about the freedom to choose what is best for my family and our individual children’s learning needs.”

Every student deserves the very best public education. For Miles and more than 1,200 other Washington students with diverse learning needs and styles, charter schools are proving to be the right fit.

Together with parents like Shirline, State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and other public education advocates, WA Charters is fighting to ensure that charter schools remain a public school option for the more than 1,200 Washington families already benefitting—and the thousands more families who could benefit from these additional options in the future.

Read Shirline’s full op-ed, published Sept. 28th on Crosscut, here.