Parent Letter To Rep. Pettigrew by Lynn Gilliland

Oct 24, 2015 | Blog


Hi Rep. Pettigrew,

I was at the meeting last week at Summit Sierra and didn’t get an opportunity to personally come over and give you a big hug for understanding the great need for educational alternatives for students!! I am a mom and my youngest daughter attends Summit Sierra. Since first grade, school has been a struggle for her. Thank goodness she has great social skills and is very bright! We have dealt with tears, major anxiety, feeling stupid, drained by frustration and daily dreading to go to school. It has been emotionally exhausting!! We sadly watched as many of her classmates with similar struggles gave up hope. We were constantly trying to combat her experience with teacher meetings, resource room time, accommodations, huge amounts of private tutoring, private school, activities and searching for answers. People are always shocked to hear that Seattle’s on time high school rate is around 70%. I’m not!! We are leaving 30% of children without an opportunity for a quality education. That fact keeps me up at night. All children deserve hope and a free, quality education that meets their needs.

When I discovered Summit Public School would be opening a high school in Seattle I was thrilled!! Our daughter would have a quality alternative that was all about the child and another choice of ultimately where she would attend high school. She loves her school!! It is so fun to see her bright eyes and smile return as we have watched her soar this year!!! The support and education is nothing that is currently available in Seattle at this time free or private! They truly can teach all children to learn and are passionate about all the children. I think it is probably the most diverse school in Washington.

All children deserve a free, quality education that meets their needs. Education should be about the child, not just about the adults! We have much to gain for our children by providing viable alternatives. Thank you so much for thinking of the rest of Seattle’s children as your own and wanting only the best for each one! I will always be grateful for you by sticking out your neck and truly standing up for these children!!! Let’s continue to produce hope for all children for a great education from our school system. These students can go on to become productive citizens and upstanding members of our society. Truly, is there a greater savings for Washington’s future?

If there is anyway I can be of assistance to you in helping people understand what a tremendous need charters fill for our children, I would be glad to help. Thank you for bringing hope to many students! Since I have been in the trenches heading upstream trying to provide my daughter with a quality education, I deeply understand what a long term and positive impact charters will have on Seattle and our state! Thank you again for your amazing service and courage! I applaud you.

Lynn Gilliland

This letter was originally published on the Summit Voices blog here.