400+ Students and Parents Held Day of Action in Olympia, Calling on Legislators to “Keep Our Public Schools Open”

Nov 20, 2015 | Blog, Events

With court ruling threatening to put more than 1,100 out of their public schools, group asks state representatives to “fix this mess”

Olympia— Yesterday, as the Washington State Supreme Court announced its refusal reconsider its unfair September ruling, more than 400 students, parents and educators from Washington’s public charter schools were heading home from a Day of Action in Olympia, where they urged legislators on both sides of the aisle to fix the glitch that allowed the Court to rule against the more than 1,100 kids currently enrolled in charter schools.

The September 4th ruling by the state Supreme Court invalidated Washington’s voter-approved public charter school law and is threatening to close nine local public schools that serve more than 1,100 students.

Yesterday’s Day of Action included a state government civics lesson, meetings between students, parents, and their state representatives, and a rally on the Capitol’s lawn. The day was sponsored by Act Now for Washington Students, a newly formed coalition dedicated to ensuring that student and parent voices are elevated in the fight to keep public charter schools open and serving local communities.

The Court’s decision adds a sense of urgency to what kids and parents were asking for in Olympia yesterday, which is for the legislature to fix the law so that our schools can stay open and that other families in Washington will have access to these high-quality options in the future.