Good news for parents on the waitlist for Spokane International Academy

Oct 23, 2019 | Blog

SPOKANE, Wash. – There’s some good news for parents across Spokane who are looking to get their kids into the city’s largest charter school. Spokane International Academy is getting ready to expand. 

If you ask the teachers, parents, and kids at SIA, they’ll tell you, this is an entirely different kind of school. Students spend more time in school every week, the class sizes are smaller, and there’s extra emphasis on STEM education. 

The school’s mission statement is based around the idea of preparing students to succeed in the 21st century. So it’s no surprise parents are itching to get their kids in, but can’t because the waitlist has hundreds of kids on it. 

SIA has one elementary campus in Hillyard, and a junior high academy in East Central. The school has closed a deal on the previous Guardian Life Insurance building and is expanding to a 100,000 square-foot space, just north of the city for $9,000,000. This is a 10-year lease, but the school hopes to buy the property after.