Our statement on Juneteenth becoming recognized as a national holiday

Jun 18, 2021 | Statements

Today we recognize Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Making the anniversary of the emancipation of enslaved people a federal holiday does not take away from the pain and trauma inflicted on Black Americans. At the same time, this formal acknowledgment of Juneteenth is an important step towards honoring and giving space to reflect on and learn from our nation’s history of enslavement and emancipation. We must own the truth of this history and ongoing systemic racism if we are to create space for healing and active transformation.

To our Black brothers and sisters: We see you, we love you, and today and all days, we honor your ancestors, you, and your descendants. Our love continues to be rooted in action, disrupting and transforming racism in all forms. We hope that 2021 Juneteenth celebrations bring you joy, hope, and a deep sense of connectedness.