Rainier Prep Awarded Outstanding Achievement by Washington School Recognition Program

Rainier Prep Awarded Outstanding Achievement by Washington School Recognition Program

Rainier Prep recognized for meeting and exceeding multiple measures for high public school student outcomes

Contact: Rini Kamalakkannan at rini@wacharters.org

Seattle, WA – The Washington State Charter School Association (WA Charters) is pleased to celebrate Rainier Prep, one of Washington’s 17 charter public schools, for receiving recognition from a state program that honors public schools for high marks in academic achievement and closing opportunity gaps. Rainier Prep is a public school that serves 5th grade through 8th grade, is tuition-free, and open to all students. It is a thriving community-rooted school strengthened by the commitment of its educators, its families and its community, all working tirelessly to ensuring opportunity for Rainier Prep scholars in college and careers. Rainier Prep’s mission, “…to prepare all of our students to excel at four years colleges and to become leaders in their communities,” is aptly emphasized in this recognition and in the ongoing achievement of its students today and all who enroll in the months and years ahead.

The Washington School Recognition Program assesses K-12 public schools throughout the state via one or more of three pathways: closing gaps, growth and achievement. Measurements in these areas assess whether a school is making significant advancements for students or specific student groups in areas identified for improvement, whether schools show high performance on at least two measures such as ninth grade-on-track, graduation rates, attendance and math assessments and/or whether schools have at least one student group among the highest performers on at least 60% of Washington School Improvement Framework measures.

Rainier Prep embodies the spirit and intent of what charter public schools can and should be in the neighborhoods where they operate,” said WA Charters Interim Executive Director Chris Korsmo, “Rainier Prep has applied the flexibility they are granted as a charter public school to specifically meet the needs of their scholars and their community all while meeting the requirements of a strict regulatory framework of accountability and with fewer resources than traditional public schools. Nonetheless, they have a broad network of families, business, and community leaders who pull together to create opportunity, knowledge, and life experiences that prepare Rainier Prep students for all that’s ahead after middle school.

Of more than 2,000 public schools in Washington, only 17 of them are charter public schools. Like traditional public schools, charter public schools are free, open to everyone and held to local and state standards for student outcomes. Charter public schools like Rainier Prep work tirelessly to ensure their students have an education that meets their specific needs even though charter public school students receive a lower level of funding per student than traditional public schools.

The Washington School Recognition Program is a collaboration of Superintendent Chris Reykdal’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), the State Board of Education (SBE) and the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee (EOGOAC). Both OSPI and SBE are also part of a multi-part system of oversight on charter public schools in Washington that ensures strict accountability on measures that include student outcomes. Rainier Prep’s student success not only marks its rigor in service to its community but also as a steward of public funds, fulfilling the terms of its contract (its charter).

About the Washington State Charter School Association

The Washington State Charter School Association is the non-profit organization advocating for high-impact, student-centered charter public schools in Washington State. Founded in 2013 following the approval of a ballot measure, we represent a network of 17 tuition-free, open-to-all, non-sectarian schools serving approximately 5,000 students. Under the strict oversight of four state agencies, including the charter school authorizer, the State Board of Education, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the State Auditor, charter public schools aim to provide equitable access to quality education. Our member schools enroll higher rates of students of color (62%) and low-income students (52%) than traditional public schools.