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Senior Spotlight: Ashly Lopez Escober, Summit Atlas, West Seattle

Ashly Lopez Escober moved to the United States from Honduras just six years ago. Becoming a founding student at a high school and creating a culture of collaboration for future students wasn’t part of her plan. As she prepares to study biochemistry at the University of Washington, that’s exactly what she’s accomplished. With a fierce … Read More

Senior Spotlight: Esther Mumbi, Summit Atlas, West Seattle

While COVID-19 brought an unexpected change to her senior year, Summit Atlas senior Esther Mumbi took the shift to virtual school in stride. In fact, this last year has only strengthened Esther’s drive to enter the healthcare field and work towards ending what she recognizes as another pandemic — social and economic inequality. Next year, … Read More

Senior Spotlight: Jayla Foster, Summit Atlas, West Seattle

Jayla Foster had a tough start to high school, attending three different schools and ultimately repeating her sophomore year. When she reached Summit Atlas, a new public charter school in its second year, Jayla found her stride. Embraced by a supportive school community, she uncovered her passion and voice as a student leader, ultimately becoming … Read More

Celebrating AAPI Leaders and Cultures in the WA Charter Sector

By Rekha Bhatt, Senior Vice President, Programs and Bely Luu, Associate Director of School Development at WA Charters As two Asian-American women, daughters, moms, and leaders in the Washington state charter public school sector, we know firsthand the richness, beauty, and power that the vast spectrum of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) identities encompass. … Read More

Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Chase, Innovation High School (PRIDE), Spokane

Finding Community at Innovation Who says math and the humanities don’t mix? Not Elizabeth Chase. Her love for art, people, and math blends seamlessly through her high school career and into her future ambitions. Elizabeth is graduating from Innovation High School, a charter public school within the PRIDE public schools in Spokane.  At Innovation, Elizabeth … Read More

Senior Spotlight: Amari Troutt, Innovation High School (PRIDE), Spokane

If Amari Troutt could impart one piece of wisdom to younger scholars at PRIDE Schools, it would be to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded to them. Amari is graduating this spring from Innovation High School, part of the PRIDE charter public schools in Spokane. She started her journey in the charter public schools … Read More

Why Our Work Must Continue Beyond Chauvin’s “Guilty” Verdict

Yesterday’s guilty verdict of former police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd is a step towards accountability; however, Black Americans continue to be killed disproportionately by police and the systemic racism that fuels that violence continues to threaten and harm communities of color, particularly Black and Brown communities.  Civil rights attorney Ben … Read More

Our statement on the most recent acts of police violence

Our hearts are with the grieving families of Adam Toledo, Daunte Wright, and all victims of racist violence and their loved ones. Our systems of policing are making a continued statement that Black and Brown lives do not matter. For Black and Brown folks this loss, grief, and trauma is generational and ongoing.  At WA … Read More

Our Statement on the March 16th Atlanta Shooting and Attacks on the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

We are heartbroken and sickened by the violence that occurred yesterday in Atlanta, GA, resulting in serious injury and tragic loss of life. We send out our deep condolences to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and every family and individual impacted by this senseless act of violence and terror.   This is not an isolated incident. In our nation, Asian, … Read More