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Fundraising Learning Series: Capital Campaign with Denella Clark

Please note the answers were transcribed from a video interview and have been lightly edited for brevity.  Tell me a little bit about yourself and your journey to fundraising and philanthropy. I consider myself a servant leader. Philanthropy and the meaning of philanthropy is the love of humankind or humanity. I have had the pleasure … Read More

Teacher Appreciation

By: Charter Schools Supporter “Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.” – Robert John Meehan When I was a kid, my mom was always encircled by piles of construction paper cut-outs and heavy-duty totes holding wooden blocks and books. Working from home is a newer concept today, especially since the pandemic has kept … Read More

Beyond Land Acknowledgments: Supportive Action for Indigenous Youth

Saturday, May 6, 2023 was WA Charters Sixth Annual Conference! Click below to listen to our event’s land acknowledgement video shared by Representative Debra Lekanoff. We are honored to learn from Rep. Lekanoff AND we must go beyond learning and acknowledgements. We encourage you to take an action to support a youth-focused Indigenous organization in … Read More

Our Statement on Nashville school shooting

Our hearts break for and with the families of the three children and three adults killed yesterday in Nashville, and all families and communities that have experienced loss and trauma due to gun violence. The relentless tragedy of school shootings is gut-wrenching. As a nation, we must urgently and continuously address the hatred and intolerance … Read More

Karen Lobos (Rainier Prep): Inequitable State Funding Must Not Limit Students’ Future Success

Source: South Seattle Emerald “Rainier Prep’s eight years of outstanding academic results despite inequitable public funding and investment reflects how we have leveraged our flexibility as a charter public school —which comes in exchange for higher levels of accountability — to be nimble and adapt to the specific needs of our students and their learning.” — … Read More

Natalie’s Story

By Natalie Hester, Co-President, External Affairs When I think about my “education story” it is impossible for me to think just about my own K-12 and higher education years. As a mother raising two brilliant daughters in South Seattle – a joyful, culturally rich community that is chronically overlooked and systemically under-resourced—my “education story” spans … Read More

Catalyst Bremerton Families: Why We Love Our School

Catalyst Public Schools | Bremerton is a K-8 charter public school, founded and launched by Amanda Gardner and Tatiana Epanchin. The Bremerton community expressed demand and need for an additional public school option for families, and the school co-founders brought deep experience leading other high-performing charter public schools across the country to help make the … Read More