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From in person to online: See how charter schools made the switch

“Our school very fluidly moved into virtual school,” said Ayanna L. Gore, Executive Director at Summit Sierra. “Being a school that’s already one-to-one computers, our curriculum already being online and having a platform, we had the tools available and we spent a lot of time supporting our students socially, emotionally and academically.”’ Free, public, and … Read More

Q+A With Dr. John Scott

Dr. John Scott joined the Washington State Charter Schools Association (WA Charters) Team in June 2020 as the organization’s first Chief Equity Officer. In the interview, below, Dr. Scott reflects on his own anti-racism journey and what he envisions for the role in the months and years ahead. WA Charters (WAC): Hi, John! It’s so … Read More

Anti-racism resources

(Updated September 11, 2020) In the wake of recent racism-fueled violence – violence that echoes centuries of racist action across the nation and in Washington state – WA Charters is working to put together a list of anti-racist resources that may be helpful to our staff, community, networks, and sector. Resources will be updated regularly. … Read More

Charter Sector Community Update: Action, good news, and more

As our nation has a collective reckoning with its systemic racism, The Washington State Charter Schools Association remains committed to achieving educational equity for students across Washington state and unequivocally supports the Black Lives Matter movement and the racial justice reforms that it demands.  Equity in education has always been at the center of our … Read More

WA Charters Welcomes Dr. Scott as our new Chief Equity Officer

The Washington State Charter Schools Association (WA Charters) is pleased to announce that John Scott, Ph. D. will be joining the staff as the organization’s Chief Equity Officer, following a twelve-month position development and recruitment process. A key tenet of the Washington state charter public school mission is to close opportunity gaps and provide equitable education for … Read More

Building School Culture Through Crisis

Cascade | Midway Academy is Building School Culture Through Crisis Even before they open their doors for their inaugural Class of 2024, the team at Cascade |Midway Academy has been working hard to connect with future students and families, as well as the community around Des Moines and the South Seattle region. A tuition-free charter … Read More