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Opponents’ Arguments Against I-1240 Don’t Pass the Straight Face Test

I was not surprised by the arguments against charter schools following the Seattle Times editorial board’s endorsement of Initiative 1240, a proposal to create 40 charter schools over five years. But I was surprised by how little the arguments have evolved over time. Here’s the top 10 arguments against charters and my counter argument. 1) … Read More

The Seattle Times Endorses YES on 1240 – Allowing Option of Public Charter Schools Moves Us Forward

Public school students have different needs requiring different classroom techniques. That critical fact is behind the inspiration that launched public charter schools across America 20 years ago and helps explain the continuing success of many of them. Washington voters should seize the opportunity to bring charter schools to Washington state by approving Initiative 1240, which … Read More

How a Charter School Saved a Rural Farming Community

The town of Walton, Kan., cuts a modest swath through a rich carpet of winter wheat that stretches in green and amber patches toward the Flint Hills. … Along with U.S. 50, another vital artery, the railroad is a reminder that no matter how quiet its main street or stark the horizon, tiny Walton, population … Read More

Independent Policy Expert Dispels Myth About a ‘Trigger’ in I-1240

… Some of the opponents of a Washington state ballot item that would for the first time allow charters schools are pointing to that language and arguing that it would establish a trigger policy in the state, similar to controversial laws on the books in seven states. But backers of initiative 1240—and at least one … Read More