CSP Funded Projects

Washington’s Innovation and Excellence Federal CSP Program (Innovation and Excellence Program) was launched through a $19.9M federal award (contingent upon federal appropriations for the program). The purpose of this program is to help Washington expand opportunities for students to attend excellent and innovative charter public schools that meet and exceed state academic standards. This five-year grant runs from October 2019 through September 2024.

At least ninety percent of Washington’s federal CSP award will be utilized for competitive subgrants to eligible charter public school subgrantees. At least seven percent will be utilized for state-level technical assistance activities and not more than three percent will be utilized by WA Charters for the purposes of administering the program.

Washington’s Innovation and Excellence Program has four objectives:

  • Increase the number of high-quality charter public schools and authorized charter public school seats in Washington
  • Improve student outcomes in Washington’s charter public schools, especially for at-risk students
  • Disseminate innovative, effective educational practices that improve student outcomes with key Washington stakeholder groups (i.e., educational partners, traditional public education systems, parents and families, and community-based organizations.)
  • In collaboration with Washington authorizers, support and strengthen our best-in-class authorization process and develop, review, and iterate an authorization renewal process in alignment with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA)’s quality practices

The following are technical assistance resources funded by the Charter Schools Program grant. Please contact Jeannette Vaughn if you have questions about any of these resources.

Charter School Research on Best Practices