Strong leadership and dynamic teams are cornerstones of a great school.

Our School Leadership and Design Fellowship (SLDF) is a small, cohort-based incubation experience for individuals or teams who are ready to begin designing a high-quality, transformational charter public school.
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Our core design principles

WA Charters is model agnostic. We work with leaders designing a variety of school model types. However, we believe that all transformational schools have certain core principles in common:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels – students, staff, board, and community
  • Post-secondary readiness for ALL students
  • Students-first approach that includes personalization and restorative practices to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of the whole child
  • A foundation of strong leadership and exceptional teaching
  • Authentic engagement with families and communities to co-create solutions to serve educational needs within the community
  • Contribute to the growth of a healthy public education sector

Our innovative approach

The School Leadership and Design Fellowship is the first phase of a multi-phase journey of
designing, planning, and opening a high-quality school.

Our committment

Designing and applying to open an excellent school is a heavy lift. Our School Leadership and Design Fellows benefit from a full range of financial, technical, and strategic supports.

  • One Year Salary Stipend
  • Application Writing
  • Coaching and Project Management
  • Model Development
  • Guided Travel to High-Performing Charter Schools
  • Community Engagement
  • Board Development
  • Facilities
  • Securing Additional Grants

Fellow spotlight

Who you are

  • Lead for Equity
  • Build strong, diverse teams and co-create with communities
  • Have a track record of success with students
  • Reimagine the school experience with compelling
    vision and tenacity

Application process