Spring 2022 Statewide Results Suggest Charter Public Schools Meeting Diverse Student Needs

For students and families, the impacts of the pandemic, from learning loss to mental health, are ongoing. Charter public schools are striving to partner with their communities as anti-racist, student-centered schools so every student receives support.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is an annual review of data regarding outcomes at public schools in the United States. The charter public school sector is not large enough in Washington State to serve as a specific breakout in its national assessment but a regular statewide data review of public school outcomes, the Smarter Balanced Assessment, provides a relevant snapshot of how students are performing in charter public schools.

Additionally, a 2021 State Board of Education report determined from statewide assessments that charter public school students performed higher than their traditional public school peers on seven of eight academic measures. The data underscores the value of public school options that ensure students find a pathway that best serves their individual needs, whether that is a traditional public school or a charter public school.