Impact Public Schools | Salish Sea Elementary


The mission of Impact Public Schools (IPS) is to prepare a diverse student population to succeed in college and impact communities as the next generation of equity-driven, innovative leaders while making a broader impact on public education across Washington state.

At Impact | Salish Sea Elementary (I | SSE) in Seattle, WA, every child is known, loved and guided by an adult mentor. Students set a personalized learning plan, participate in decolonized project-based learning, and engage in arts enrichment in a safe, focused school environment that balances high expectations with joy. Families benefit from partnerships with before and after school care programs, free transportation to and from school, access to a community park, and connections to wrap-around supports.

Key Specializations

Equity-driven Leadership



Year Opened


Grade Levels

TK-2 in 2021-22 TK-3 in 2022-23 TK-4 in 2023-24 TK-5 in 2024-2025 and beyond



3900 South Holly Park Drive, Seattle, WA 98118, USA.

Phone Number

206-712-7640 x2