Lumen High School

Lumen High School is a public charter school that is committed to empowering two generations by providing high academic standards, a specialized early learning center and wrap around supports to meet the layered needs of teen parents in Spokane County. Lumen is rooted in belonging, social justice and the empowerment of our staff, students and their children so that a young person’s role as a parent will not be at odds with their role as a student. Students grow as parents by learning essential skills needed in order to raise healthy children and as scholars by deeply engaging in academic coursework. Each student follows a personalized pathway leading to graduation prepared for future goals and contribution to their communities.

Key Specializations

  • Individualized Graduation Pathways
  • On-site Early Learning Center
  • Project Based Life Skills Coursework

Year Opened


Grade Levels

9th - 12th



718 W Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, USA.

Phone Number

509- 606-7888