Rainier Prep

Rainier Prep is a 5th through 8th grade middle school in the Highline area focused on college prep for all students. Approved as one of the state’s first charter schools, Rainier Prep was modeled on some of the highest performing charter schools around the country. Rainier Prep’s mission is to prepare all students to excel at four-year colleges and to become leaders in their communities through empowering lifelong learners, changemakers, advocates, and leaders. We seek to fulfill this mission through the following belief statements:

  • Empathy and Joy
  • High expectations and high support
  • Students seeing themselves as assets in the curriculum and community
  • Exposure to new ideas and perspectives
  • Equitable access to resources and opportunities
  • Authentic partnerships between staff, students, families, and our community

Key Specializations

  • Changemakers, Advocates, and Leaders
  • College Prep
  • Empowering lifelong leaders

Year Opened


Grade Levels

5th - 8th




10211 12th Avenue South, Burien, WA, USA.

Phone Number