Unapparencies & Intra-Racial Insight Sensitivity Education, LLC (U&I-RISE)

U&I-RISE is an education and training company that solves Black American problems at school, work and in the community. One of our goals is to close the Achievement Gap (the academic disparity between Black students and other groups) in the US. Toward that end, we offer 2 programs:

  1. Healthy School-Home Connection (HSHC) – a 3-hour training that fosters understanding, agreement and commitment among school staff and parents to provide the environment needed for all students to succeed – no excuses. HSHC jumpstarts any effort to improve academic performance of whole classrooms.
  2. Tapping Our Parental Power, a family of workshops that equip parents to a) approach Parenting in a more thoughtful, proactive manner, and b) provide a home environment that supports academic success. Workshops are 3-15 hours in length.

U&I-RISE programs are grounded in understanding of, and respect for, the impact of historical and current injustice and trauma on Black Americans. We are successful because we create protected spaces that allow the difficult conversations necessary to forge unity among diverse groups.

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