Washington Charter School Development

WCSD is a non-profit, full-service real estate development firm working side-by-side with charter school partners to expand access to high-quality educational opportunities in under-resourced communities.

WCSD offers strategic facilities planning, project management, and turnkey development services to help our charter school partners navigate the complex school facilities development process. As a full-service real estate development firm, we manage all aspects of a facilities project – including site search, design, construction, and financing. We leverage our expertise at each step of the facilities development lifecycle to bring to life the facilities vision of our charter school partners. Additionally, we have raised a pool of philanthropic equity, which allows us to invest low-cost capital to help qualified charter schools sustain funding while their schools grow and stabilize. For nearly a decade, WCSD has provided leaders of charter schools in under-resourced communities with expert guidance and access to philanthropic resources to build long-term facilities. WCSD has expanded across Washington State, investing $60 million in over 20 school facility projects, leveraging philanthropy, private financing, and state funding to expand high-quality educational options for more than 5,300 students.

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