Our Statement on Ashé Preparatory Academy

For Immediate Release | October 16, 2019

WA Charters CEO Patrick D’Amelio released the following statement, in response to the news of Ashé Preparatory Academy’s closure.

“We were deeply troubled to learn that Ashé Preparatory Academy has suspended operations for the remainder of the school year. While we are saddened by this development, we respect that the Ashé Prep Board of Directors made this difficult decision out of deep care for the well-being and education of its students. Our hearts go out to all of the students and families in the Ashé Prep community who are directly impacted.

Our number one priority is supporting students and families during their transition. WA Charters and our partners are providing on-the-ground support to the school and to families, including providing parents with enrollment transition guidance, and offering technical assistance to the school as it prepares to suspend operations.

We recognize that Ashé Prep’s model spoke to the important needs of systemically underserved students. It was strongly supported by and held much hope for families, teachers, and communities in the region. This urgent unmet need persists – and we are committed to partnering with families and communities to support high-quality educational solutions for students.

At WA Charters, we advocate for and support high-quality charter public schools that deliver excellent results for students. As a learning organization, we are committed to reflecting on Ashe’s experience and strengthening our practices to help schools deliver the highest quality educational experience for every student.

While we never want to see closure as an outcome, and we recognize that this is a painful moment for Ashé Prep families, we also understand that when a charter school closes, it is a sign of accountability, not a sign of failure for the sector. We want to acknowledge the excellent work happening at many charter public schools across the state. We remain on a pathway forward, supporting and growing a high-quality sector of charter public school options.”