Cascade Midway Academy Parent Statement: Leila, Jama’s mother

Apr 17, 2020 | Blog

Jama is such a great helper for me. He’s so good at math he helps me manage our family budget and calculates every dollar we spend. He has so much to bring to the world. That’s why I’m really happy that we were able to enroll him at Cascade Midway Academy, which is a public charter school.

After our visit to their Open House, Jama was so excited to practice more science. He got very interested in learning the science police use to solve crimes. It was great to see him get so involved in something like that. He practices and studies every day now and wants to participate in internships that Cascade offers.

His current school has larger class sizes and can feel overwhelming for Jama. He’s a quiet kid. With smaller classes at Cascade, I think he’ll do really well. He can have more time with his teachers and learn more in math and science. He has opportunities to stand out.

The staff and teachers are very kind. I trust that they will help Jama succeed in school. As a parent, it’s really important that I feel that confidence in my child’s educators. The Cascade staff provide me that feeling.


My older child is doing well in our local high school, but for my youngest, Jama is a role model. I think my youngest son will follow Jama and also go to Cascade when he’s ready for high school. Jama has a chance to guide his brother and set a good example.

For Jama, I want him to get a good education and do well in school. I want him to go to college and then support himself using his education. I believe Cascade will provide that education for Jama and I am excited for him to take this next step in his learning.