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Our Statement on Summit Atlas’ Charter Renewal

Mar 3, 2022 | Statements

WA Charters congratulates Summit Public Schools: Atlas on a renewal of its charter, which will enable Atlas to continue providing an outstanding public education for students in the West Seattle area.  

The State Charter School Commission yesterday approved a two-year charter renewal for Summit Atlas, a charter public school that has been serving middle and high school students in West Seattle since 2017. This decision is reflective of the high bar that charter public schools in Washington are held to, as well as the excellent academic outcomes that Atlas is achieving through a flexible, innovative model that focuses on college prep, mentorship, and self-directed learning in a small public school environment. 

In 2020-21, Summit Atlas celebrated its first graduating class with a 100% high school graduation rate. Ninety-one percent of the graduating students were accepted to 36 unique colleges and universities, including Whitman College, Smith College, two Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and University of Washington. 

While renewal of a charter public school in Washington is typically for five years, the Commission elected to approve a shortened renewal term of two-years with specific conditions designed to support Atlas in implementing necessary improvements to the school’s administrative processes. As a charter public school sector, we welcome a high bar of accountability and we expect that Summit Atlas will meet this high bar, continue to deliver exceptional results for students, and be poised for renewal again in 2024.