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Kaleeya Balwin (Lumen High School) at The Power of Student Voice – LEV Foundation Virtual Event

Oct 20, 2022 | Stories, Student Voice

Source: League of Education Voters

Celebrating the Power of Student Voice!
Students know best when it comes to reimagining our education system and they are not afraid of speaking up to address the many areas of inequity. LEV organized a virtual event for an online statewide convening to celebrate the brilliance and the advocacy efforts of Washington students. Click here to watch the full event recording (captions are available in English, Spanish, and Somali).

Meet Kaleeya Balwin of Lumen High School in Spokane, WA

Kaleeya and her daughter Akylah

Kaleeya Baldwin is a Junior at Lumen High School in Spokane. She has attended the school since 2021, and has a two year old daughter, named Akylah.

Kaleeya’s focus is to finish high school, study business and marketing in college, and own her own photography business. Last year, Kaleeya identified an interest in Photography. She loves to take pictures and wanted to explore photography as a career. Kaleeya set up informational interviews with professional photographers to learn about the industry. Then diligently pursued her interest, purchasing a camera and obtaining a paid summer internship with a local business creating their social media and advertising.

Beginning 2022-23, Lumen High School began offering two photography classes as art electives for students. Kaleeya will graduate from Lumen high school in Spring in 2024.

Kaleeya is a leader among her peers and represents the empowering culture of Lumen HS through student voice in and around the community.

“I went to the Executive Director of my school and asked if we could start a photography class.

And I’ve also been an advocate for my school in talking to the Board of Education for charter schools in Washington, about funding us students for more electives and after school activities.

Kaleeya Balwin