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Op-Ed: Why Teachers Will Love Charter Schools

By Liv Finne Washington Policy Center Bob Dean is a public school teacher and a supporter of Initiative 1240, the ballot measure to allow public charter schools in Washington. He is the head of his school’s Math Department, teaches Advanced Placement calculus and is a past member of the State Board of Education Math Advisory … Read More

I-1240 Draws Support from Former Charter School Opponent

Sixteen years ago, in another chilly October, parent and school-levy volunteer Lisa Macfarlane managed a phone bank for the anti-charter-school campaign. Back then, Macfarlane believed charters — the privately run, publicly funded schools that were cropping up in many states — would weaken the public school system she was working hard to strengthen. … Charters, … Read More

Kitsap Sun Endorses YES on 1240!

Initiative 1240: This measure would open the door slightly to publicly funded charter schools. If approved, it would authorize up to 40 schools in the state, operated by nonprofit organizations and overseen by a state commission or local school district. Our board recognizes charter schools aren’t a panacea, and that the proposed law isn’t perfect. … Read More

Opponents’ Arguments Against I-1240 Don’t Pass the Straight Face Test

I was not surprised by the arguments against charter schools following the Seattle Times editorial board’s endorsement of Initiative 1240, a proposal to create 40 charter schools over five years. But I was surprised by how little the arguments have evolved over time. Here’s the top 10 arguments against charters and my counter argument. 1) … Read More