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YES on 1240 Gives More Options to Parents of All Students, Including Special Needs Children

As a Bellingham Public School District special education teacher and aide, I understand firsthand the importance of choosing and receiving the customized learning experiences that students with special needs deserve. Across our country, research has shown that public charter schools in other states do a better job than traditional public schools in helping struggling students … Read More

The Olympian Endorses YES on 1240–Public Charter Schools Essential to Goal of Innovating K-12

The Washington public school system needs more innovation, especially to meet the needs of low-income, high-risk children from communities of color struggling in traditional public schools. Initiative 1240 provides an avenue for inventive approaches to education through a cautious experiment with high-quality charter schools. Voters should approve this initiative. Approval of I-1240 would permit the … Read More

Seattle Business Chamber Endorses YES on 1240 to Improve K-12 Education

The Chamber’s Board of Trustees also adopted a resolution supporting Initiative 1240, which would allow a limited number of charter schools in the state. The Chamber has historically supported efforts to improve K-12 education in Washington state, and specific to [I-1240], members believe there is compelling evidence that it will provide parents and students with a proven alternative for education that already exists in many states throughout the country.