Meet Jama: New Cascade | Midway Academy Student Entering 9th Grade

I’m 13 and love soccer. I’m the middle-sibling of three, and our mom works so hard to make sure all of us are doing our very best. When she’s not working, she’s making sure we’re all doing our homework or teaching me how to cook family recipes. For a while, I thought maybe I wanted … Read More


Meet Bridget Lester: First Grade Teacher at Catalyst Public Schools

My first glimpse of Catalyst Public Schools was at Monica’s Café in the heart of Silverdale. There, I met with school leaders Tatiana and Amanda to learn about their brand-new public charter school. I was exploring elementary school options for my son, Jacob. The connection was instant. Everything they described about the school resonated with … Read More


Meet the Aspiring Leader: Louis Guiden

By Louis Guiden, WA Charters 2019 Aspiring Leader A Louisiana native, I’ve been in Seattle for 26 years. I came to the Northwest hoping to escape some of the realities of the South. I didn’t want to be held down by the racism I experienced growing up. I had dreams of attending a historically black … Read More


Meet the Aspiring Leader: Karla Soto Mullins

By Karla Soto Mullins, WA Charters 2019 Aspiring Leader I know first-hand that our country’s educational systems are profoundly inequitable. My own education was defined by inequities until I had the opportunity to attend a charter high school. That experience was truly life-changing. Because of my own charter school experience, when I heard that there … Read More


Meet Dawit, Rainier Prep ’18 Alum

I graduated from Rainier Prep in 2018 after attending Rainier Prep for its first three years. I now attend Phillips Exeter in New Hampshire. Rainier Prep has a very friendly environment where student voices are heard. One way of this happening is through Student Parliament. Though Student Parliament, students are able to work with teachers … Read More


Meet Chris.

Before I came to Summit Olympus, I didn’t really care about school. I was just doing the bare minimum to get by. My 8th grade year, I transferred from one district to another because I was getting into trouble. Then my mom’s friend told her about this charter high school high opening up in downtown … Read More


Meet George.

I’m a founding student and eighth grader at Rainier Prep. I live in Burien with my brother and our parents, who immigrated from Vietnam. My parents are constantly pushing me to be something better, to become the independent man they believe I can be one day. I learned about Rainier Prep when one of the … Read More


Meet Shauna.

“We need to shift away from the expectation of failure to seeing teen parents as the amazing hard-working, strong adults that they are capable of becoming.” As a 22-year old, I mentored a teen parent, and was confronted with the lack of support and services, and how fundamentally unfair our system is for teen moms. … Read More


Meet Chastity.

My role makes it possible for my school to serve the whole student, the whole family. As Director of Operations, my role covers everything outside of academics—the facility, transportation, nutrition, enrichment activities, family engagement, budgeting, and financing. It includes enrollment and recruitment, managing non-academic staff, and overseeing many things that keep our school functioning smoothly.  … Read More


Meet Ayanna.

To me, being a leader is all about activating the leadership in others. I’ve been working in public education for eleven years, first as a high school science teacher, and then as a STEM teacher coach in Chicago and NW Indiana, before stepping into leadership positions, first in Chicago, and most recently, at Summit Sierra … Read More