Roots ConnectED

Roots ConnectED supports schools and organizations in the practices of human centered education. It is the only training for educators that teaches the practical skills of community building and critical thinking, rooted within an anti-bias education framework grounded in love and hope. We accompany educators with the skills needed for building a new reality – … Read More

Lamb Consulting LLC

Lamb Consulting supports school principals in creating strong staff cultures and streamlined talent systems that increase teacher satisfaction.

Joule Growth Partners

  Joule Growth Partners provides high-quality, right-sized financial and operational leadership and consulting to small, growing, and thriving organizations.  


SCHOOLWORKS® is an education consulting company and certified women’s business enterprise (WBE) that provides a broad continuum of services to educators, administrators, institutions, and governing bodies in support of K-12 education improvement and reform. SchoolWorks provides actionable improvement support by helping schools, districts, networks, and education agencies identify strengths and weaknesses, develop and implement meaningful … Read More

Gorejus Consulting

We provide avenues for teams or groups to engage in a continuous process of refining their racial identity development and its impact both personally and within their careers. Options ranging from historical knowledge building for all, growth experiences to push self awareness for both allies and members of the global majority and skill development/resources that … Read More