Roots ConnectED

Roots ConnectED supports schools and organizations in the practices of human centered education. It is the only training for educators that teaches the practical skills of community building and critical thinking, rooted within an anti-bias education framework grounded in love and hope. We accompany educators with the skills needed for building a new reality – … Read More

Seneca Family of Agencies

Seneca Washington provides a continuum of care ranging from school-based to community-based programs. Annually, we reach 3,800 children, youth, and their families with services to foster social-emotional, behavioral, and academic growth and wellbeing.


SCHOOLWORKS® is an education consulting company and certified women’s business enterprise (WBE) that provides a broad continuum of services to educators, administrators, institutions, and governing bodies in support of K-12 education improvement and reform. SchoolWorks provides actionable improvement support by helping schools, districts, networks, and education agencies identify strengths and weaknesses, develop and implement meaningful … Read More


National Center for Restorative Justice

We provide training for schools and other systems/organizations in implementing Restorative systems, through training, consultation, and policy.


Language to Learning, Inc

We provide virtual speech, occupational therapy, and special education services. In addition, we provide case management and parent training.


Unapparencies & Intra-Racial Insight Sensitivity Education, LLC (U&I-RISE)

U&I-RISE is an education and training company that solves Black American problems at school, work and in the community. One of our goals is to close the Achievement Gap (the academic disparity between Black students and other groups) in the US. Toward that end, we offer 2 programs: Healthy School-Home Connection (HSHC) – a 3-hour … Read More



eLuma is a provider of online therapy services (also known as teletherapy and telepractice) for speech, OT, PT, mental health and school psychology.


My Tap Track

mytaptrack® helps make teachers’ lives easier by automating the tracking of a special needs child’s symptoms and behaviors.