Roots ConnectED

Roots ConnectED supports schools and organizations in the practices of human centered education. It is the only training for educators that teaches the practical skills of community building and critical thinking, rooted within an anti-bias education framework grounded in love and hope. We accompany educators with the skills needed for building a new reality – … Read More

Seneca Family of Agencies

Seneca Washington provides a continuum of care ranging from school-based to community-based programs. Annually, we reach 3,800 children, youth, and their families with services to foster social-emotional, behavioral, and academic growth and wellbeing.

WA FAB | Family Advocacy Board

We are a family-led network of Washington State‚Äôs charter school communities uniting to care for, support, and learn from each other as we care for our children and work for their success. Based on our personal experiences, we share relevant information to help families, teachers, and staff navigate the charter public school system and offer … Read More