BoardOnTrack by TransACT

BoardOnTrack by TransACT is an intuitive, integrated online board management platform. Built exclusively for charter schools, it enables you to boost board engagement and accountability, simplify board member recruiting, measure your board’s performance, strengthen your board-CEO partnership, and easily comply with open meeting laws. Learn more at


Trigon Education

Trigon Education offers 8 years of experience in the field of educational technology to partner with Washington charters to ensure they have best-in-class campus technology. To do so, we help charters secure federal funding to reduce network-associated cost burdens, install strong content filtering to go above and beyond what is called for by the Child … Read More


E-STREAM Technologies

We assist charter schools secure funding for broadband Internet Access, school WiFi, and other technical infrastructure.  Most recently, we also assist charter schools in securing funds through the Emergency Connectivity Fund, which supports the cost of Chromebooks, staff laptops, mobile broadband for staff and students, and other technology goods and services.  In addition, we also … Read More


Integrate School

We offer a systematic approach to preparing and standardizing lesson plans by improving administrative processes through automation and greater transparency into effectiveness through data. Systemic inequity in instructional programs prevents students from receiving a comparable education, within a district, school and often the same grade. This inequity is most clearly evident in the quality of … Read More



EdLight helps schools focus on student work. During remote/hybrid learning, this means giving feedback on authentic work that shows student thinking, while maintaining a safe distance. Whether it is early elementary students working on letter formation or calculus students working out proofs, all students have work that does not fit neatly inside a computer. EdLight … Read More



DeansList is an educational software platform. We help schools manage all non-academic data such as classroom behavior, family communication, and more! Data is organized intuitively, so teachers and parents know how students are doing and can analyze school-wide trends.