Fundraising Learning Series: Capital Campaign with Denella Clark

Please note the answers were transcribed from a video interview and have been lightly edited for brevity.  Tell me a little bit about yourself and your journey to fundraising and philanthropy. I consider myself a servant leader. Philanthropy and the meaning of philanthropy is the love of humankind or humanity. I have had the pleasure … Read More

Fundraising Learning Series: Donor Newsletter Tips from Charter Public Schools Communications Specialists

What are your school’s communications strategies to cultivate and steward donors? Rowena (Impact Public Schools): E-news is one part of our donor cultivation strategy. We include donors in our e-newsletters where we highlight scholar accomplishments, events, and other aspects that make our schools unique. This information helps donors to understand exactly what they’re supporting at … Read More

Fundraising Learning Series: Q&A with James Heugas, Washington State Charter School Development

Facility Financing 101 Facility Financing Charter school operators require access to different forms of project funding over the course of facilities development. Beyond typical fundraising, which generally acts as a leave-behind equity contribution from the school, there is the need for financing to fund predevelopment, acquisition, and construction. As charter school operators grow and stabilize … Read More

Fundraising Learning Series: Q&A with Gina Fafard, BoardOnTrack

What are some effective ways you’ve seen board members support charter schools? One of the most effective ways board members can support their charter schools is to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and maintain a relationship with their CEO grounded in mutual trust and respect. Boards that do this well are actively engaged in … Read More

Fundraising Learning Series: Q&A with Scott Canfield, Why Not You Academy

Scott Canfield, Co-Founder of Why Not You Academy (WYNA), shared how he and his board secured the partnership with the Why Not You Foundation. How did you learn about and connect to the Why Not You Foundation? We did our due diligence on WNYF and learned that their core values aligned with ours as a school. It seemed … Read More

Fundraising Learning Series: Q&A with Travis Franklin, Spokane International Academy

Travis Franklin, SIA CEO shared his advice on DonorsChoose. Travis used DonorsChoose for four years as a classroom teacher and raised $50,000 worth of classroom supplies, including book sets and a 3D printer. The platform empowers teachers to directly respond to students’ needs through their classroom campaigns. It also allows the community (parents, board members, … Read More

Fundraising Learning Series: Q&A with Joe Hailey, Rainier Valley Leadership Academy

What inspires you to be a part of the charter movement in Washington State? I was introduced to the sector by a classmate in United Way’s 2012 Project Lead cohort. As I considered an invitation to join a local charter school board, I had the opportunity to tour three charters in the Los Angeles area … Read More